Nepal Medics and Mountaineers Foundation

Dedicated to save lives beyond boundaries.

Rescue is not an entitlement of privileged few and Nepalese citizens and visiting tourists deserve better. Collectively this feat can be achieved through hard work and perseverance. We already have a capable team and a roadmap. All we need it to start the engine and shift the gears for the service and care to those in need during critical Medical Evacuation, Search and Rescue, Recovery and repatriation to their native country. Our aim is to remain available 24x7, 365 days a year to avert and mitigate life threatening injury, illness by responding at the earliest like we have done in last 8 years. We strive to rapidly rescue adventure seekers stranded in the remote Himalayan terrain of Nepal.


dedication for a safe and efficient mountain rescue system

NMMF Mission Statement

We all at some point of our lives may be injured or in distress of colossal magnitude. We might as well be close to death calls or make a rare escape. It could be our loved ones or someone acquainted well. In such times, we can react with loss of hope, discouragement, lament and cry or be alert and awake our conscience to regain our strength and act decisively.” Our Team at Nepal Medics and Mountaineers Foundation (NMMF) is certainly bound to respond and save lives when it matters the most while the time is clicking against all odds

NMMF is a benchmark Nepalese Not for Profit organization based in Kathmandu.

organizes, coordinates and performs rescue interventions and transportation of ill and accident victims from remote areas into hospitals or other adequate locations for further treatment

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Four Pillars of NMMF

For Systematic performance of business activities, the organization should have functional departmentalization along with divisions. All the departments are interrelated and interdependent and have overall objective to achieve the unified goal of organization.

Qualified Medics / Paramedics
Qualified Rescue Pilots
Qualified Rescue Mountain Guides
Central Coordination Center
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All of you at NMMF are doing wonderful job. I am privileged to be one of the members. Lets go and save lives.


Sanjay Chalise

Freelancer, Engineer and Lecturer

This is a groundbreaking work. Finally a much needed platform is withing our reach. My best wishes to you all and let me know how I can contribute to make this organization stronger.


Dawa Phinjo Lama Bhote

Mountain Guide/ Helicopter Long Line Technician, Mountaineer
Engineer and Lecturer
Sanjay Chalise
Dawa Phinjo Lama Bhote

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